Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 14-18 Lesson Plans

This week we will learn the numbers 11 and 12. We will also learn the word for Christmas and day. We will read the book, The Twelve Days of Christmas, in Spanish, while practicing the words eleven, twelve, christmas, and day, as well as the other numbers that we have learning so far. We will be playing a game in which each child will be given the chance to pick a present off of the tree. On the other side of the present is a picture of a word that we have learned. They then have to try to identify what that word is in Spanish.

December 14-18 Words

Every class will be learning the same two words this week.

Christmas- navidad=Nah-vee-dod

Day- Dia=Dee-ah

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 7-11 Lesson

This week we will learn the numbers 6-10, as well as please and thank you in the Giraffe, Tiger, Gator, and Panda rooms. In the Flamingo, Frog, Monkey, and Penguin  rooms we will learn the same as well as the word for December. We will read the book First Numbers, in Spanish, practicing counting and saying our numbers all the way to ten. We will make a marching number train, marching as we say our numbers 1-10. We will also be playing a game in which the children are given a chance to say please and thank you in Spanish.

December 7-11 Words

Six- Seis=Says

Seven- Siete=See-et-a

Eight- Ocho=Oh-cho

Nine- Nueve=New-ah-ve

Ten- Diez=Dee-ace

Please- Por favor=Poor-fa-vor

Thank you- Gracias=Gra-cee-ahs

December-diciembre=Dee-cee-em-bre *Flamingo, Frog, Monkey, and Penguin rooms only*