Monday, November 30, 2009

Welcome Song

For the younger rooms, we will be starting every class with a welcome song. During this song, the child whose name is being called is able to get up and dance,m jump or really whatever they want to get them moving and excited.

Hola a ti.
Hola a ti.
Hola a (child's name).
Hola a ti.

To the tune of "Happy Birthday."

November 30-December 4 Lesson

This week we will learn the numbers 1-5, as well as hello and goodbye in the Giraffe, Tiger, Gator, and Panda rooms. In the Flamingo, Frog, Monkey, and Penguin rooms we will learn the same as well as the word for November. We will read the book Five Sweet Strawberries, practicing counting and saying our numbers over and over in Spanish with the book. We will make a marching number train, marching as we say our numbers. In the Flamingo, Frog, Monkey, and Penguins rooms we will also be playing a game in which each child gets a turn at saying hola and adios to one another.

November 30-December 4 Words








November-noviembre=No-vee-em-bre *Flamingo, Frog, Monkey, and Penguin rooms only*


Welcome to Spanish!

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